Body goals

If there’s one thing a women would wish for i bet that would be to be able to eat as many carbs as possible but to still be able to maintain a perfect body. However in reality, life isn’t based upon wishes. If you want to become a certain weight you must put in work and fight for what you want. Iggy Azalea is my inspiration for fitness and body goals. Her curvy shape is the body i dream to have. As a wise women once said “really good things take time to grow foundation is not built overnight” -Iggy Azalea. This quote clearly explains that you have to keep working and putting in effort in order to achieve what you want.

I do follow Iggy’s personal diet and exersie plan, i find her healthy lifestyle to be really helpful and handy.Here are some of her health tips:

Iggy Azalea does a lot of sport. She loves playing tennis which involves a lot of running and she loves horse riding, She also loves to dance, she dances a lot during her performances on stage which tends to shed plenty of calories. Iggy shared that she does plenty of squats and lunges everynight before she goes to bed. Iggy eats plenty of nutrishes foods such as smoothies and organic fruits. #TeamIggy

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