My top 5 guilty pleasure’s

We all have our secret guilty pleasures, something we secretly love doing even though we know it’s embarrasing. My top 5 guilty pleasures are:

1) Licking my fingers after a meal (This is very gross and disturbing but i can’t help myself, i don’t do it in a restaurant or on dates though, no way.)

2) I love watching reality tv shows especially ‘Teen Mom’ (Drama drama drama! i can’t get enough of it)

3) I sometimes listen to ‘hardcore’ rock. You know like the screaming type, but hey i love all types of genre music.

4) I love spongebob! i own so many spongebob tee’s and teddies its ridiculous!

5) I hardly ever answer my phone or reply to a text. (My phone is almost always on silent so i never hear the alert and i have a bad memory so i always forget to reply/call back)



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